PSR Services


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Behavioral Bilingual Services

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2255 Renaissance Dr. Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Providing quality mental health services to children and their families of our community since 2000

PSR Services or Psychosocial Rehabilitative Interventions include services such as behavioral management and counseling, conflict and anger management, interpersonal skills, collateral interventions with schools and social service systems, parent and family training and counseling, community transition and integration, and self-management. In most cases this service is offered in a 1:1, home or community setting. The number of service hours rendered weekly varies according to need. PSR Services are provided in English and Spanish based on the client’s preference.

PSR recipients may:
Learn the dynamics between actions and consequences
Learn interpersonal –social boundaries and gain confidence in their interpersonal-social skills
Learn problem identification and resolution
Learn effective communication skills
Learn culturally relevant moral guidelines and judgment
Learn healthy strategies
Learn self-trust, self-confidence, and/or self-reliance
Learn how to set and achieve observable specific, measurable achievable, realistic and time limited life goals

Admission Criteria: At least one parent or a legal guardian (in the case of legal minors) with whom the recipient is living must be willing to participate in home and community base services. The recipient must have substantial deficiencies in any combination of the following criteria:

Behavior Management
Social Competency
Problem Identification and Resolution
Effective Communication
Moral Reasoning
Identity and Emotional Intimacy
Dealing with Anxiety
Establishing Realistic Life Goals
Sense of Humor
or have a mental health diagnosis