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Basic Skills Training


Basic Skills Training services are Rehabilitative Mental Health interventions designed to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairment and restore recipient to their highest level of functioning.  BST Services are provided to recipients inappropriate cognitive and behavioral skills. BST Services help recipients acquire constructive cognitive and behavioral skills through positive reinforcement, modeling, operant conditioning, and other training techniques. BST services teach recipients a variety of life skills.

BST recipients learn and gain the ability to socialize and communicate effectively and appropriately. They work one on one with a trained specialist to teach youth proper self care, grooming skills, and hygiene. Personal safety is also an important component of BST as well as other important basic living skills such as time management and organization.

Admission Criteria: At least one parent of a legal guardian (in the case of legal minors) with whom the recipient is living must be willing to participate in home and community base services.  Assessment and documentation must indicate that the recipient has substantial impairments in any combination of the following criteria:

Basic Living and Self-care Skills Social Skills
Communication Skills
Organization and Time Management Skills
Transitional Living Skills


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